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“There is something immensely charming about the way both bari saxes play their exquisite harmonies together, in all of their warm-toned splendor. Perfect music for smooching or at least some slow dancing with the partner of your choice.”


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- Claire Daly
- Sewelson

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Two Sisters Inc. (two baris, one mind…and a bass) is a trio of two baritone saxophones and acoustic bass. Two leading New York bari players Claire Daly and Dave Sewelson join forces with the legendary David Hofstra on bass to create a band capable of almost anything. From Blues to Bop and Beyond they add special sauce to anything they play. The spontaneous joy of creation can be witnessed in each moment of their performances. Their repertoire ranges from original to old to the future. Anything can happen and does. They break the rules and rule the breaks.