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“There is something immensely charming about the way both bari saxes play their exquisite harmonies together, in all of their warm-toned splendor. Perfect music for smooching or at least some slow dancing with the partner of your choice.”


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You can buy a PRE-RELEASE copy of our CD directly from us here on the web or at Downtown Music Gallery. Or come to our CD RELEASE PARTY and get an autographed copy there.


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- CD Baby
- Claire Daly
- Sewelson

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Buy the CD here now from us. 12 dollars includes shipping to anyone, anywhere in the world. Click the buy now button and you are on your way to owning a PRE-RELEASE COPY.



You can also purchase SCARIBARI digitally from us for 7 dollars by clicking here.

Our mp3 audio files are very high quality, over 300 kbps VBR, encoded using the 'LAME" MP3 encoder on its audiophile settings. Your MP3s will play on any hardware. There is no DRM or tracking on the MP3 files, we respect your rights and and the other way around.

When you buy SCARIBARI digitally we will email you a link where you will be able to download a zip file (74 megs) which includes the individual tracks with cover art and a text file with all the info.

Once you buy it digitally, SCARIBARI is yours FOREVER. If the files get deleted or lost or whatever just email us at and we will send you a link so you can replace the files with fresh ones.


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